About the CCART System

What is the CCART System?

The Capitalized and Controlled Asset Removal and Transfer System (CCART) provides a web-based means for inventory contacts or other persons responsible for inventory to assist in the management of their inventoried assets. The system enforces present business rules regarding the transfer of assets at The University of Texas at Austin pursuant to Part 16. Inventory Control and Property Management of the Handbook of Business Procedures.

Part 16. Inventory Control and Property Management

Part 16. Inventory Control and Property Management
Handbook of Business Procedures


The CCART project has been organized into several phases. The purposes of CCART are:

Phase 1 (Implemented May 2005):
Phase 2a (Implemented July 2005):

Phase 2b (Implemented October 2005):

Phase 2c (Implemented February 2006):

Phase 3 (Completion date to be determined):

Authorization for the CCART System

Authorization to use or view the CCART system requires *DEFINE authorization for the NT1 command. Contact your electronic office manager for assistance.

Special Handling Information

There are three possible values for special handling:

The creator of the CCART can designate which, if any, special handling is needed. If designated, it becomes the responsibility of the creator to ensure that the proper steps are taken.

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