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The Ticket Invoices Web page is designed to display electronic invoices for centrally billed air and travel purchases from university-contracted travel agencies. This allows the university to eliminate the need for paper invoices, thus improving efficiency and reducing costs. Ticket Invoices can also provide departments with the ability to track travel activity by university business travelers, including trips taken by specific travelers and expenses they incur.
This page can help departments determine what Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) Number has been assigned to a trip in order to process the traveler's reimbursement. It can also be used by travelers to see information about their scheduled trips.



Desks authorized to use Ticket Invoices must first be authorized on the TBLEINVA table on *DEFINE command CT7. There are two levels of authorization: "A" (administrative) privileges allow desks access to all accounts and all organizational levels, while "V" (view) privileges allow desks to access departmental accounts if they are linked to administrative views containing those accounts. The desk/view combination must also have access to the GT1 screen in *DEFINE.
Note: UT Direct looks at all desk/view combinations to determine access to this page. If any desk/view combination allows access to accounts for the GT1 screen or has a processing view, then those authorizations will automatically apply.


How to Use

The Ticket Invoices page displays a menu and three fields. The Campus menu allows you to choose the campus you want to search for; the field defaults to The University of Texas at Austin. The fields are: Ticket Number, RTA Field, and Agency Unique Number.
Illustrates the Ticket Invoice web page, described above.

Choose a campus and fill in any one of the remaining fields, then click Submit Search. If there is a travel record associated with the information entered, it will display below. The travel record includes details such as passenger name, ticket number, and return date.

Illustrates what a travel record results look like.

Click Agency Unique Number to display Ticket Invoice Details.
Illustrates ticket invoice details.


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