How to Use the Statement of Account Certification Pages


In order to view the Statement of Account you must have a UT EID. Viewing privileges are restricted to *DEFINE authorizations, i.e. desk and view.

How to use the entry page

Screenshot of the Home Page of the Statement of Account Certification Pages.

How to use the transaction certification page

Screenshot of the transaction certification page of the Statement of Account Certification Pages.


Certification of Budget Groups


In order to save paper and reduce expenses, the Office of Accounting has replaced the printed Statement of Account (SOA) with an electronic notification system. In the past, a printed SOA was campus mailed or US mailed to the Ledger Sheet Contact as specified on GG5 within 5 business days after month-end closeout.

Now, instead of the printed SOA, an email will be sent after the monthly closeout to the Ledger Sheet Contact only listing Units on which transactions have been recorded in the preceding (just closed) month. (The message is sent to the Unit Head if there is no one listed as Ledger Sheet Contact on the GG5 command in DEFINE.) The email recipient can use the link provided in the email to certify budget groups on these pages.

About Certification

Units listed in the e-mail (see above) contain budget groups that must be certified by the Ledger Sheet Contact, an authorized manual signer, or the Unit Head because they contain accounts that had wage or salary transactions during the month. If you received a list of certifiable Units, you are asked to review the last month's transactions for these Unit's budget groups on these pages. (You may have used the link provided in the email to find these pages.) Again, the email is only sent to the Ledger Sheet Contact.

Note: Although based on real data, the screenshots here have been fictionalized.

Before Certification...

The certification message and button before certification.


System asks whether you are sure.

After Certification

The message after certification.

If the Budget Group has already been certified the message will say so and you need not take any action.


If you are not seeing a budget group to certify, one of the following may be the explanation.

  1. You are not the Ledger Sheet contact, a Signer for the Budget Group, or the Unit Head. You can check this on the CA1, CA3 or GG5 screen in *DEFINE, or ask your office manager or accountant.
  2. The budget group has already been certified. You can confirm this by checking your unit for the month in question on the Account Balances pages.
  3. You have entered a month either before the electronic SOA began, or for the current month before closeout.

If you have difficulties with these pages, please contact the Support Team at: Payme

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