Document - Transactions

The Transactions page shows the transactions generated by the Transfer System based on the information entered in the Transfer Groups section. Transactions are only generated for transfer groups that have no error messages.

To travel to another document, type a document ID in the Document ID field and click View Document.

View Document

Next on the page is a section of document attributes, including the document ID, document status, creator, created date, summary, transfer ID, creator desk, and effective date. The summary is pulled from the Purpose field and is the description of the document that appears in document approvers' inboxes.

To view or add notes to the document, click the (Notes) link that indicates the number of notes currently on the document.

Document information

The Group ID column indicates which transfer group the transaction is associated with. Click the group ID link to be taken to the associated transfer group on the Transfer Groups page.

The Account column lists the university account for each transaction.

The Amount column lists the amount for each transaction.

The Debit/Credit column lists whether each transaction is a debit or credit to the account.

The Object Code column lists the object code assigned to each transaction.

The Object Code Description column describes the object code assigned to each transaction.

The Transaction Description column lists the description assigned to each generated transaction.

To change how transaction listings are sorted for each column, click the column header.

To filter a transaction listing by a specific value, go to the All drop-down menu for that column and select a value from the options. After a column has been filtered, the All drop-down menu turns blue to indicate a filter was applied. Filters can be applied to all columns and can also be sorted while the filters are applied.

To download all transactions for a transfer to a computer, click Download Transactions at the bottom of the page.