Create a UT Market Receipt

This page is used by departments who have ordered goods through UT Market and had them delivered directly to the department instead of Central Receiving. Receipts created on this page can be edited for three days in the event that the quantities need to be adjusted. After three days, the receipt is finalized and can no longer be edited nor deleted. Finalized receipts authorize payment to the supplier upon receipt of an invoice.

Create Receipt for PO

To create a new receipt for a purchase order, type the PO number in the PO Number box and click Create Receipt for PO.

If there are other receipts for the PO, the View Other Receipts On This PO link will be available. Note: This link goes to the Search Receipts page without saving any changes on the current screen.

View Other Receipts

Receipt Information

Receipt Information

The following fields are pre-populated on a newly created receipt:

The following fields must be entered by the receipt creator:

Line Items

The line items section lists the items ordered in the purchase order.

Line Items

The Item Nbr column displays the line item number of the item as it appeared on the purchase order. Click the item number to display purchase order details about the item in a new window.

The Description column displays the line item description from the purchase order.

The PO Quantity column displays the quantity ordered from the purchase order.

The Received So Far column displays the quantity of that line item that has been received previously.

The Not Yet Received column displays the quantity of the line item that has not yet been received. This can be a negative number if the quantity received so far exceeds the quantity ordered.

Use the On This Receipt column to indicate the quantity to be received on this receipt. Use the Receive All link above the column to populate all rows with the quantity not yet received. This action will completely receive the remainder of the items ordered. The quantities will remain modifiable until the Update Receipt button is clicked.

Click Create Receipt to complete the process of creating a new receipt.