About Receiving


Receiving is the part of the procurement process where the university acknowledges receipt of goods ordered through a purchase order. Receipt of goods must be acknowledged before the university is authorized to pay supplier invoices.

Central Receiving

Central Receiving is the preferred shipping point for goods ordered by the university. Using Central Receiving promotes safety and reduces campus traffic by reducing the number of delivery trucks that come to campus. As an added benefit to departments that use Central Receiving, invoices for these purchase orders are remitted to Accounts Payable in the Office of Accounting, who will process payments on the department's behalf.

Departmental Receiving

Departments that elect to have goods delivered directly to their departmental offices must retain their own records of goods received.

The following types of items must be delivered directly to the department rather than to Central Receiving. The purchase order should specify the appropriate delivery address.

UT Market Orders Shipped to the Department

For orders placed through UT Market, departments must enter receipts in FRMS via the Procurement and Receiving tabs. Once an invoice has been received from the supplier and the department has entered receiving information, FRMS will automatically pay the supplier's invoice.