Departmental Inventory Portal Navigation


Tabs appear at the top of each Web page in the Financial Resource Management System (FRMS) and are used for navigation to various subsystems. The Departmental Inventory Portal is accessed from the Procurement first-level tab and then the Inventory tab. From the Inventory tab, the Item List, Item Details, and Mass Update tabs are used to view and make direct updates to inventory items.
The page you are currently on will be identified by an orange indicator arrow on the tab.


Departmental Inventory Portal uses icons (images) throughout the system that serve a variety of functions.




The lookup icon is used to search for field specific data.


The Help icon is used to access information on specific, context-level topics.  A new window opens and offers assistance with the associated term or concept.


The information icon next to an inventory number is used to view additional details about an item.


The up/down arrow icon is used to reorder data in charts, tables, and columns.


The inbox links to a user’s personal UT Direct Electronic Document Inbox where documents await for review and approval.

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