Tuition Reduction Benefit: General

The General section contains information that applies to all recipients on the document.

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Next on the page is a section of document attributes, including the document ID, document status, creator, created date, summary, creator desk, and semester. The summary is the description of the document that appears in document approvers' inboxes.

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Tuition Reduction Benefit Information

Intended Position

Because Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB) award documents can be created at any time until the end of the semester of the award, the award recipients will often not have student assignments in HRMS at the time the TRB document is being processed. Therefore, the document creator must identify the job title that the recipients are expected to be assigned to by selecting Teaching Assistant or Assistant Instructor or Graduate Research Assistant.

Note: All recipients on the document must have approved HRMS assignments matching the intended position by the 20th class day in order to keep the award. Recipients who do not have a corresponding assignment will have their award automatically cancelled on the 20th class day.


The summary may be edited by the document creator and is the description of the document that appears in document approvers' inboxes.


The document creator may add remarks about the awards in the Comment section. This information will be visible on the Award Details tab for every award created at final approval of this document.

Funding Information

Account Number

Enter the account number of the account that will be funding the awards processed on this document.

If the account number entered is one that has been identified as a Provost account to be used only for TA or AI awards, the document will require that you have selected Teaching Assistant or Assistant Instructor as the Intended Position.

Account Information

When an account number has been entered and the document has been saved, the document will show additional information about the account, including account titles and the pool balance.

Click the information icon information icon next to the Account Number text box to pop up a new window or tab with additional information about the account.

Note: The account number used on an SS3 document must have the object code 1602 in its object code audit group. Contact the Office of Accounting and Financial Management if you need 1602 to be added to an object code audit group.

Note: SS3 documents do not create any financial transactions that will appear on your statements of account. There is no financial impact to the entered account until Student Accounts Receivable runs its tuition billing jobs around the 27th class day of each long semester.

AR Code Information

If a TRB AR code exists for the account, information about the AR code will be displayed including the AR code identifier and what portions of the tuition bill are allowed to be covered.

If an AR code does not yet exist for the account, the document will have a warning message that the account does not have an AR code and that one will be automatically created at final approval of the document.

Note: TRB AR codes will only cover resident tuition, the UT in DC fee, and the Field Trip fee. The UT in DC and Field Trip fees are not common.

Click the Show Details link to see the AR code optional fees that are not covered by TRB AR codes.