Awards Search

The Search tab allows users to conduct searches using various search criterion methods, filters, and search boxes.

Note: If you perform a search that returns a large number of results, the sorting and filtering tools described below may not function correctly depending on your browser.

Select a Type

To start a new search, select a search type and then enter a value in the text box and click Search. Depending on the type of search, you may be asked to select a fiscal year to limit the search results.

The following types of searches are available:

Note: Scholarship IDs are now Award IDs.

The drop down menu is context sensitive. If the system identifies that you have entered an account number in the text box, for example, Account will be selected automatically.

Search Results

Note: If you search by Recipient UT EID, Account, or Creator UT EID, you may have different types of awards returned together. By default, they will be grouped first by Scholarship/Fellowship awards, then *DEFINE SS2 awards, then Tuition Reduction Benefit awards, and finally AR Codes processed by Student Accounts Receivable. The results are otherwise unsorted.

Note: Search results are limited to 80 rows unless you click View All Results for This Search to return all results for your selection criteria.


Results can be sorted by any column by clicking on the column heading. Clicking on the column header again will toggle the sort order between ascending and descending.

Results can be filtered by column that has a drop down menu or text box. Selecting a value in a drop down menu will hide all results that do not have that value in that column, while entering a value in a text box will hide all results that do not contain the entered text. Filtering only affects the records that have been returned in the current search and may be incomplete. When filtering results, the value of the Total Search Results will continue to indicate the total number of records returned with no filters applied.

ID: The Award ID. Each type of award has a different type of Award ID. Scholarship/Fellowship awards are five alphanumeric characters. *DEFINE SS2 awards are identified by the document ID. Tuition Reduction Benefit Awards are nine alphanumeric characters starting with “TRB.” AR codes have no award ID and will have no value in this column.


Created: The date that the electronic document leading to this award was created. Or, for AR Codes, the date that the AR code was added to the student’s record in *FBMENU.

Type: The type of award, whether a Scholarship/Fellowship, Tuition Reduction Benefit, *DEFINE SS2 document, or AR Code.

Accounts: The account that funded the award. Scholarship/Fellowship awards may have multiple accounts. AR codes do not have accounts and will have no value in this column.

Recipient: The name and UT EID of the award recipient. Click on the UT EID to see directory information in a new window or tab.

Summary: The summary of the electronic document that created this award.

AR Code: The three-character AR code that is associated with the award and dictates what portions of a student’s tuition bill can be credited by the award. Scholarship/Fellowship awards do not have AR codes and will show n/a in this column.

AR Group Name: A description of the group of AR codes that this AR code is in. Generally describes the AR code. Scholarship/Fellowship awards do not have AR codes and will show n/a in this column.

Amount Limit: The maximum amount that may be credited against the student’s tuition bill. No Limit indicates that the tuition bill was fully covered as allowed by the AR code profile. Scholarship/Fellowship awards do not have AR codes and will show n/a in this column.

Amount: The amount of the award. For awards with an AR code, this is the amount that was credited against the student’s tuition bill. For scholarship/fellowship awards, this is the amount paid out to the recipient.

Academic Year: The academic year of the first semester of the award.

Semesters: The academic semesters of the award. Scholarship/Fellowship awards may pay out over multiple semesters. Scholarship/Fellowship awards that are not approved, or that have been deleted, will not have a value in this column.

Pending Document: This column will have a value if there is a document routing that would impact this award when approved. If the document is being processed in FRMS, the document ID will be a link to the document. Note: *DEFINE SS2 awards will not show related SSB documents.

Download Search Results

Click to download the current search results in Microsoft Excel format. The download will have additional information about the award that is not displayed in the search results Web page. If there are multiple accounts funding a scholarship/fellowship award, the additional accounts will be displayed in the Accounts tab. If there are multiple assignments for a recipient who is a student employee, assignment information will be displayed in the Positions tab.