Create an Award

From this page you create a Scholarship/Fellowship document or a Tuition Reduction Benefit document.

Before a Scholarship/Fellowship document can be created, the following conditions must be reviewed and certified:

If you have any questions, please contact Scholarship and Fellowship Services via email or phone: 512-471-7822

Before creating a Tuition Reduction Benefit document, users should be sure that the recipients are graduate students who are or will be assigned as TAs, AIs, or GRAs.

Click the appropriate button to continue creating the desired award document.

Starting with Fall 2021, SS1 documents (Scholarships and Fellowships) may be used to pay tuition and direct costs prior to paying the recipient directly.

Display Scholarship Description may be displayed to the recipient in My Tuition Bill or elsewhere. If possible, please format your SS1 descriptions:

          Department, title of scholarship, additional pertinent information

Is the travel for University business purpose?
Example - If the student could not attend, would you send a full-time staff member in their place?

Is the travel for the student's benefit or program?
Example - Travel for extracurricular or educational pursuits such as research requirements. Also including faculty-led trips or independent study.