Cancel a Scholarship, Fellowship, or Cash Prize

    A. Begin by entering the Scholarship ID directly into the Award ID field on the Awards Details tab, or use the Search page to locate the document you wish to cancel.

    1. From the Search page, in the Awards Search drop down menu select Award ID, type the Award ID, and click Search to travel to the Awards Details tab, where you can view the details of the award.
    2. Once you are on the Award Details tab,  click Cancel in the upper right corner of the page.
    3. Cancel Scholarship link

    4. After clicking Cancel, this message appears:

      cancel scholarship image2 

      Click OK to continue with the process of cancelling the award, otherwise  click Cancel.

    5. After clicking OK, a cancellation document is created and the document creator is directed to the Document Review section. The Document Review section allows the document to be approved and routed forward for final approval. Once the document is final approved, any scheduled payments will be canceled.